In FusionInsight,What time does ALM-12033 Slow Disk Fault


The system runs the iostat command every second to monitor the disk I/O indicator. If there are more than 30 times that the svctm value is greater than 100 ms in 60s, the disk is faulty and the alarm is generated.

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In FusionInsight,What is the possible cause for ALM-12033 Slow Disk Fault
The disk is aged or has bad sectors.

In FusionInsight,What is the impact on system of ALM-12033 Slow Disk Fault
Service performance deteriorates and service processing capabilities become poor. For example, DBService active/standby synchronization is affected and even the service is unavailable.

In FusionInsight,how to resolve the alarm ALM-12033 Slow Disk Fault?

In FusionInsight,What time does ALM-12017 Insufficient Disk Capacity
The system checks the host disk usage of the system every 30 seconds and compares the actual disk usage with the threshold. The disk usage has a default threshold, this alarm is generated when the host disk usage exceeds the specified threshold.

In FusionInsight,What time does ALM-12030 No Valid License
The system checks whether there is valid license file after a cluster is installed and at 00:00 every day. This alarm is generated when no valid license file is found. The system sends an alarm clearing message at the next check when a valid license file is found.

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