In FusionInsight,How to handle Management Node fault


1.If only one management node is faulty, handle the alarm based on the handling procedure of "ALM-12006 Node Fault."
2.If two management nodes are faulty but FusionInsight Manager can be accessed properly, the following alarms are reported:a.ALM-12006 Node Fault
b.Active/standby Component Failover
c.Service Unavailable

Handle alarms a, b, and c in sequence. If the alarm persists after handling a and b,replacing a Faulty Node to resolve the problem.

3.If FusionInsight Manager cannot be accessed properly, contact the administrator to rectify hardware, network, and OS faults. If the fault persists, contact technical support; otherwise, go to 2.

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In FusionInsight,How does Management Node fault impact the system
?If one management node is faulty, active/standby failover occurs in all the major processes on the node, and an active/standby failover alarm and a node fault alarm are generated. For details on the system impact, see Alarm handling. ?When one more management node is faulty, the service is seriously affected. Stop all services that are running and rectify the fault immediately.

In FusionInsight,How to handle Service Node Faulty
1.FusionInsight Manager regularly checks the running status of each node. In case one node is lost due to network or hardware problems, FusionInsight Manager generates the alarm "ALM-12006 Node Fault". Handle the alarm based on the handling procedure. 2.If the alarm persists after step 1, see 10.2.3 Replacing a Faulty Nodeto resolve the problem.

OceanStor ReplicationDirector Management Node Fault
1. On a new physical server or VM, install the same version of OceanStor ReplicationDirector. For details about the installation, refer to OceanStor ReplicationDirector V100R003C10 Product Documentation. After finishing the installation, configure the OceanStor ReplicationDirector network information and confirm that the node name, IP address, and other configurations are the same as those of the original OceanStor ReplicationDirector. 2. Obtain the latest backup management data. Backup file save path: o Automatic backup: Go to the backup file save path /root/CloudComputing/DRBackup/OceanStor ReplicationDirector management IP address/YYYY-MM-DD/Auto/ o Manual backup: Go to your local system to obtain the file. 3. Import the configuration data into the newly installed OceanStor ReplicationDirector.

In FusionInsight,What is the cause for Alarm 12006 Node Fault
Possible cause are ?The network is disconnected, or the hardware is faulty. ?The time on the NodeAgent node is slow. The fault will be rectified only after the system time is normal

In FusionInsight,How to find and log in to the active and standby management nodes?
1.Use PuTTY to log in to the management node as user root using the IP address of FusionInsight Manager. 2.Run the following command to find the active and standby management nodes. sh /opt/huawei/Bigdata/om-0.0.1/sbin/ The server is the active management node if the parameter value of HA_active in the displayed information is active. For example, mgtomsdat-sh-3-01-1 displayed in the following information is the active management node. The server is the standby management node if the parameter value of HA_active in the displayed information is standby.

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