How Do I Use a Local Printer for Printing?


If you have configured a local printer, the printer will be selected by default. If no printer is configured, you need to configure one. Then select the local printer from the printing menu and click Print.

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How Do I Use a Network Printer for Printing?

Any printer that resides in the same network as Workspace and is supported by Windows can be added as a network printer. After a network printer is added, you can select the printer in applications for printing.

How do I mute or unmute the local microphone using the DP300 touchscreen?
After you have muted the microphone at your site, the other sites in the conference cannot hear your site. You can mute or unmute the microphone at your site in either of the following ways: ?Tap the Microphone icon in the lower right corner of the touchscreen. ?Tap More on the main menu, and tap Microphone.

How do I select the local or remote camera using the DP300 touchscreen?
To control a local or remote camera, select the camera first. For details, see 6.12.1 Selecting a Camera.

How do I hear the local site when using the TE50 to hold a conference?
If you want to hear the local site when using the TE50 to hold a conference, try the following method: 1. Use an audio mixing console for audio output. 2. If a common microphone is connected to the endpoint through the XLR or RCA port, connect a speaker to output port group 1 on the endpoint and enable the audio in local output function. 3. If a VPM220/VPM220W microphone array is connected to the endpoint, connect a speaker to output port group 2 on the endpoint (SPDIF) and enable the SPDIF function. Playing the local sound at the local site may cause high-pitched squealing.

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