Can Data in Workspace Be Saved for a Long Time?


Yes. End users use Workspace desktops separated from other end users. Applications, documents, settings, and other data can be saved for a long time.

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How long can the CDRs of U1900 be saved?
1. The U1900 is connected to the CDR server. There is no time limit for saving CDRs. 2. The maximum numbers of CDRs that can be saved in the CDR pools of various U1900 models are listed as follows: U1981: 480,000 U1980: 240,000 U1911/U1960: 50,000 U1910/U1930: 30,000 3. When the usage of a CDR pool reaches 90%, policies can be configured to restrict the incoming and outgoing calls for some users to control the overall CDR generation speed (which is not restricted by default). 4. When the usage of a CDR pool reaches 100%, the device discards new CDRs or overwrites oldest CDRs according to the configured policies (discarding new CDRs by default).

How Long Is the Metric Data Retained?

Metric data includes original metric data and rollup metric data.

  • Original metric data is sample raw data and is retained for two days.
  • Rollup metric data is data aggregated based on original metric data. The retention durations for rollup metric data vary depending on the rollup period.
    • Metric data whose rollup period is 5 minutes is retained for 10 days.
    • Metric data whose rollup period is 20 minutes is retained for 20 days.
    • Metric data whose rollup period is 1 hour is retained for 155 days.
    • Metric data whose rollup period is 4 hours is retained for 300 days.
    • Metric data whose rollup period is 1 day is retained for 5 years.

If a service instance is deleted, its metrics will be deleted one hour after its raw data is not reported.

What OSs Can Run on Workspace?

Workspace runs Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2016 and delivers the Windows 7 or Windows 10 desktop environment.

How long would the offline files save by default of eSpace UC2.3
It will save 7 days by default. After that, it will delete automatically.

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