How Long Is Required for Issued VPN Configurations to Take Effect?


The time required for VPN configurations to take effect increases linearly with the number obtained by multiplying the number of local subnets and that of remote subnets.

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How long does it take to register the interface card if a switch is upgraded through ISSU
When the system software of an S series switch is upgraded through in-service software upgrade (ISSU), assume that the system software of the interface card has been updated to the flash memory, and the startup file and startup path have been configured. If the BootROM and Bootload before and after the version upgrade are the same, the interface card is started in fast startup mode. That is, the interface card is started using the configured startup file and path. It takes about 2 minutes to start and register the interface card. If the BootROM and Bootload before and after the version upgrade are different, the interface card is started in normal mode. In this mode, the BootROM and Bootload of the interface card are updated and the startup file is downloaded from the MPU. The whole process takes about 6 to 7 minutes.

How Long Does It Take to Obtain an ECS?

Obtaining an ECS can take as little as a few minutes.

The time it takes to obtain an ECS depends on ECS specifications, available resources (such as EVS disks and EIPs), and system load.

Time spent on LUN formatting
The formatting speed of a single disk can be 50 MB/S. A maximum of four RAID groups can be formatted. The LUNs in the same RAID group are formatted in serial mode.

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