Why Is Not Connected Displayed as the Status for a Successfully Created VPN?


After a VPN is created, its status changes to Normal only after the VMs or physical servers on the two sides of the VPN communicate with each other. If no traffic goes through a VPN for a period of time (usually 2 hours but the actual time period varies depending on configuration), the VPN connection is automatically closed and can resume only after traffic goes through the VPN. You can use a network monitoring tool, such as IP SLA, to generate ping requests to avoid this issue.

Other related questions:
Why is a VAP created
VAPs are created to provide different services through different parameter settings, such as security policies, traffic scheduling, and virtual interfaces.

Why is the stack license not displayed on the OMU portal after the VCN3000 two-node cluster is successfully installed?
The VCN3000 two-node cluster license contains the stack license by default. If the two-node cluster is successfully installed, the stack is created successfully. Therefore, the stack license is not displayed on the OMU portal.

Why is the link-layer protocol status of an Ethernet interface down after PPPoE dial-up is successfully configured on the interface
After PPPoE dial-up is successfully configured on an Ethernet interface, it is normal that the link-layer protocol status of the Ethernet interface is Down.

How can I display status of the SC?
To display status of the SC, perform the following operations: 1. Run the display command to go to the display view. 2. Run the sc-state command to display status of the SC. For details, see HUAWEI SMC2.0 V500R002C00 SC Command Reference Guide.

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