What Is the Limitation on the Number of Local and Remote Subnets of a VPN?


The maximum number obtained by multiplying the number of local subnets and that of remote subnets cannot exceed 2500.

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What are the functions of the IR options LOCAL and REMOTE on the VPC600?
LOCAL: The camera forwards IR signals to an endpoint and is controlled by the endpoint. By default, the IR mode is set to LOCAL. REMOTE: The camera is controlled by IR signals and strops forwarding the signals to an endpoint. Notes: 1. Press SELECT to select IR, VIDEO, or FLIP. 2. Press MODE to select a desired mode. The mode switches upon each press. 3. Press SELECT to confirm your selection.

How to change local and remote discriminators on the AR router
For static BFD sessions, when the session is created for the first time, a single-hop BFD session is bound to a local interface, while a multi-hop session is not. For dynamic BFD sessions, query the routes to determine whether a BFD session is a single-hop session or a multi-hop session. BFP for Internal Border Gateway Protocol (IBGP) sessions are multi-hop sessions.

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