What Do I Do If My VM Does not Obtain an IP Address?


If the DHCP function is enabled when you create the VM, but the VM does not obtain an IP address, check whether the DHCP server that provides the DHCP service for the network is normal.

Troubleshooting method:

  1. Log in to the ServiceCenter tenant portal, choose Network > Virtual Private Cloud, click the target VPC name.

  2. Click the Subnet tab, the target subnet name, and then Private IP Address.

  3. Check whether the IP address of the network segment to which the subnet belongs exists. If no such an IP address exists, the DHCP server is not ready and cannot provide the DHCP service, contact the administrator.

Other related questions:
Methods used to expand the storage capacity of a VM
You can expand a VM's storage capacity as follows: 1. If the storage resources of the FusionCloud desktop system are insufficient, you can add new storage devices and migrate some VM disks to them. For details, refer to the product documentation. Alternatively, you can delete VMs that are not in use to release their storage space. 2. If a single VM's storage space is insufficient, you can add a new hard disk to it.

How do I view the IP address of my IP phone
eSpace 7900 series: On the home screen, choose Apps > Status. Select Network and press View. View the IP address of the IP phone. eSpace 8850: On the home screen, choose Settings > Phone Info, and view the IP address of the IP phone.

Methods used to obtain the guide for removing a VM from or adding a VM to a domain
In the FusionCloud desktop solution, the operations for adding a VM to and removing a VM from a domain are the same as those on PCs. Adding a VM to a domain must be performed by the administrator. When a user has logged in to a VM, the user can remove it from the domain and add it to a workgroup. Only the administrator can format data disks. Currently, Huawei does not provide an independent guide for removing a VM from or adding a VM to a domain in the FusionCloud desktop solution.

How do I disable the key tone on my IP phone
On the web page, choose Preferences > Key Tone. Select Disable. Click Save.

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