What Can I Do If a Subnet Cannot Be Deleted Because It Is Used By Other Resources?


The VPC service allows you to create private, isolated virtual network environments. In a VPC, you can manage private IP address segments, subnets, and network gateways. ECSs, BMSs, databases, and some other applications use secure networks created in VPCs.

Subnets in a VPC cannot be deleted if the subnets are used by the following resources:

  • ECS

  • Elastic load balancer

  • VPN

  • Private IP address

Check whether the subnet is used by the preceding resources. If yes, delete all resources in the subnet and delete the subnet.

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What can I do if I cannot delete cameras?
The possible causes are as follows: 1. The network between the NVR and the IVS platform is abnormal. 2. The SCU module is abnormal. For detailed solutions, see the VCN3000 Maintenance Handbook: VCN3000 Maintenance Handbook

Can Subnets Communicate with Each Other?

Subnets belong to VPCs. Subnets in the same VPC can communicate with each other. Subnets in different VPCs cannot communicate with each other by default. However, you can create VPC peering connections to enable subnets in different VPCs to communicate with each other.

A VM Cannot Be Deleted on ServiceCenter Because It Is in Removed Status
【Product�? ServiceCenter 【Version�? 3.0.5 【Fault Type�? Resource management fault 【Symptom�? The VM is in removed status but cannot be deleted. 【Fault Locating�? The VM is in removed status and is added to the recycle bin. You check the Recycle Bin page and find out that the VM is still in the frozen period. 【Root Cause�? If a VM in the recycle bin is in the frozen period, it cannot be deleted. 【Solution�? Step 1 Log in to the ServiceCenter node as user galaxmanager through its floating IP address. Step 2 Run the TMOUT=0 command to disable logout on timeout. Step 3 Run the following command: confDelayTimeSwitch 0 Cancel the frozen period so that the VM can be deleted. ----End

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