How Many Routes Can Be Added for a VPC?


By default, a maximum of 100 routes can be added for a VPC. The routes include those added for Direct Connect connections and VPC peering connections.

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How Many Subscriptions Can Be Added to a Topic?

A topic supports a maximum of 10,000 subscriptions.

How many VCN servers can be added to a cluster?
In the case of a single cluster: VCN3000 series: Allows 3�C16 VCN3000s to be deployed as a cluster. VCN500 series: Allows 3�C8 VCN500s to be deployed as a cluster. The VCN500 and VCN3000 cannot be deployed in the same cluster.

How many equal-cost routes can be configured for the firewall?
NGFW supports eight equivalent routes.

How many policy routes can be supported by S switch ?
The S switch can support 4 policy routes, it means that it can support 4 nexthops in one traffic behavior.

How many hosts at most can be added to a host group using iDeploy?
The maximum number of hosts that can be added to a host group is not limited.

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