How Many VPC Peering Connections Can I Have?


A tenant can have a maximum of 50 VPC peering connections in one region. Accepted VPC peering connections consume the quota of both owners of a VPC peering connection. A VPC peering connection consumes the quota of only the requester (tenant of the local VPC).

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What Are the Limitations of VPC Peering Connections?
  • VPC peering connections created between VPCs that have overlapping subnet CIDR blocks may not take effect.
  • You cannot have more than one VPC peering connection between the same two VPCs at the same time.
  • You cannot create a VPC peering connection between VPCs in different regions.
  • VPC peering does not support transitive peering relationships. In a VPC peering connection, your VPC does not have access to any other VPCs that the peer VPC may be peered with. For example, VPC A is peered with VPC B, VPC B is peered with VPC C, but VPC A and VPC C are not peered, you cannot use VPC B as a transit point for peering between VPC A and VPC C.
  • You cannot use the EIPs, VPNs, or Direct Connect connections in a VPC of a VPC peering connection to access resources in the other VPC. For example, VPC A is peered with VPC B, VPC B has EIPs that can be used to access the Internet, you cannot use EIPs in VPC B to access the Internet from VPC A.
  • After a VPC peering connection is established, the local and peer tenants must add routes in the local and peer VPCs to enable communication between the two VPCs.
  • VPC A is peered with both VPC B and VPC C. If VPC B and VPC C have overlapping CIDR blocks, routes with the same destinations cannot be added in VPC A.
  • To ensure security, do not accept VPC peering connections from unknown tenants.
  • Either owner of a VPC in a peering connection can delete the VPC peering connection at any time. If a VPC peering connection is deleted by one of its owners, all information about this connection will be automatically deleted immediately, including routes added for the VPC peering connection.
  • Currently, the route table of a VPC takes effect for all subnets in the VPC. You cannot add a route table dedicated for a specific subnet. The route preference is as follows: direct route > VPC peering connection route > custom route.
  • If two VPCs in a VPC peering connection have overlapping CIDR blocks, the peering connection can only enable communication between two subnets in the two VPCs. If subnets in the two VPCs in a VPC peering connection have overlapping CIDR blocks, the peering connection does not take effect. To create a VPC peering connection, ensure that the two VPCs involved do not contain overlapping subnets.
  • You cannot delete a VPC containing VPC peering connections.

How many VPM220s can be connected to a TE20?
Only one VPM220 can be connected to each TE20.

How many phones can be connected to a U1960
A U1960 supports a maximum of 1000 users. If all users use IP phones and each IP phone registers one SIP account, a maximum of 1000 IP phones are supported. However, the actual number of IP phones supported is determined by the license. The number of analog phones supported is related to the license and the OSU/ASI board configured. A maximum of six ASI boards can be configured on the U1960, supporting 186 analog phones.

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