Does a VPN Allow for Communication Between Two VPCs?


A VPN does not allow two VPCs to communicate with each other. However, you can create a VPC peering connection to enable two VPCs to communicate with each other.

Other related questions:
Does an AR support SSL VPN?
In V200R002C00 and later versions, AR routers support SSL VPN. The AR509CG-Lc, AR509CG-Lt, AR509CG-Lt-7, AR515GW-LM9-D, and AR502&AR550 series routers do not support SSL VPN.

Does NAT support VPN multi-instance
Yes. Network address translation (NAT) supports virtual private network (VPN) multi-instance.

Method used for communication between two OTM subracks at the same site
If both of them are GNEs, they can be connected to the NMS. If one of them is not a GNE, they can communicate with each other using extended ECC.

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