What Do I Do If I Cannot Access My Data Center or LAN from the ECSs After a VPN Connection Has Been Set Up?


Check whether you have properly configured the firewall policies for the access from the public IP address of the cloud VPN to the public IP address of your data center or LAN. No policies are configured to limit the access by default.

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What Can I Do with ECSs?

You can use ECSs just like traditional physical servers. On an ECS, you can deploy any service application, such as email systems, web systems, and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

What Can I Do If I Cannot Log In to My BMS or the BMS Data Disk Is Lost After the BMS Is Started or Restarted?

Question Description

After a BMS is started or restarted, the user cannot log in to the BMS or the BMS data disk is lost.

Possible Causes

The BMS cannot obtain the IP address or the data disk cannot be attached to the BMS because packet loss caused by network congestion occurs.


Restart the BMS. If the fault still exists after you restart the BMS for several times, contact customer service.

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