Which Protocols Does a Security Group Support?


The protocol used by a security group can be set to TCP, UDP, ICMP, or ANY. ANY indicates that the security group takes effect for all protocols. If the TCP or UDP protocol is selected, configure ports 1 to 65535 for the protocols to access the security group. If the ICMP protocol is selected, you can set the ICMP protocol type. The default value is ANY.

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Which Security Group Rule Has Priority When Multiple Security Group Rules Conflict?

Security group rules use the whitelist mechanism. If multiple security group rules conflict, the union of these rules takes effect.

Can I Change the Security Group to Which an ECS Belongs?

Yes. Log in to the ECS console, switch to the page showing ECS details, and change the security group to which the ECS belongs.

What Is a Security Group?

A security group implements access control for ECSs within a security group and between different security groups. After a security group is created, you can create different access rules for the security group to protect the ECSs that are added to this security group.

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