How Many ECSs Can One EIP Be Assigned to?


Each EIP can be assigned to only one ECS.

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Why Do Many IP Addresses Accessing the Backend ECSs Associated with a Load Balancer Start with 100.125?

This issue is caused by the health checks.

In addition to forwarding access requests to the backend ECSs using the internal IP addresses of system servers, ELB performs health checks for the ECSs to monitor their status. When forwarding access requests or initiating health check requests, the ELB system translates source IP addresses contained in the requests into IP addresses starting with 100.125, such as

To make your external services available, ensure that the security group containing the ECSs allows traffic from these IP addresses.

How Many Private Images Can Be Created Using One Account?

In this version, you can create a maximum of 100 private images per account per region.

Can Multiple Trackers Be Created for One Tenant?

Currently, only one tracker can be created for each tenant.

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