What Subnet CIDR Blocks Are Available?


The network segment of a VPC is not specified. You can specify your CIDR blocks expecting the network segments managed and allocated by the system administrator for the system's use.

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How do I block a Designated Port. on an S series switch?
You can perform the following operations to block a Designated Port on an S (except the S1700) series switch: 1. Run the stp priority command to set the priority of a switch. 2. Run the stp cost command to set the path cost of a port. 3. Run the stp port priority command to set the priority of the port.

What should I do if the account is locked
By default, a locked account is automatically unlocked after 5 minutes. You can wait until the account is automatically unlocked, and enter the correct user name and password to log in to the device again. You can also log in to the device using the CLI mode when the account is locked, and run the local-user user-name state active command in the AAA view to unlock the account.

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