How Long Does VBS Take to Back Up an EVS Disk?


The initial backup for an EVS disk is a full backup and subsequent backup operations are all incremental backups. Therefore, the initial backup takes a longer time and subsequent incremental operations take shorter times. For example, a full backup of a 50 GB EVS disk with an increment of 10 GB takes approximately 35 minutes, whereas an incremental backup takes approximately 6 minutes.

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Does VBS Support Simultaneous Backup of Multiple EVS Disks on an ECS?

Yes. You can create a backup policy and associate the backup policy with multiple EVS disks. Then the backup policy can be executed to back up the multiple EVS disks at the same time. Note that the EVS disks must have the same AZ with the associated backup policy.

Must I Stop the ECS Before Backing Up EVS Disks on an ECS Using VBS?

VBS can back up EVS disks that are in use. When an ECS is running properly, data is written onto EVS disks of the ECS, and some newly generated data is stored in the ECS memory as cached data. During EVS disk backup, the data in the memory will not be automatically written onto EVS disks, resulting in data inconsistency between EVS disks and their backups.

To ensure data integrity, back up EVS disks during off-peak hours when no data write operations are being performed on the EVS disks. Alternatively, suspend all data write operations and stop the application systems before initiating a backup job. For an extreme requirement for data integrity, stop the ECS (for cached data to be written into EVS disks) and start an offline backup job.

How Long Does It Take to Obtain an ECS?

Obtaining an ECS can take as little as a few minutes.

The time it takes to obtain an ECS depends on ECS specifications, available resources (such as EVS disks and EIPs), and system load.

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