Does VBS Support Simultaneous Backup of Multiple EVS Disks on an ECS?


Yes. You can create a backup policy and associate the backup policy with multiple EVS disks. Then the backup policy can be executed to back up the multiple EVS disks at the same time. Note that the EVS disks must have the same AZ with the associated backup policy.

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Can I Use a VBS Backup to Restore an EVS Disk Whose Capacity Has Been Expanded?

Yes. If you back up an EVS disk using VBS and later expand the capacity of the EVS disk, you can still use the VBS backup to restore the EVS disk. However, the capacity of the restored EVS disk reverts to the original value due to file system restrictions. To avoid this, create a VBS backup for the EVS disk after expanding its capacity.

Must I Stop the ECS Before Restoring EVS Disk Data with a VBS Backup?

Yes, you must stop the ECS to which the EVS disk is attached and detach the EVS disk from the ECS before restoring the EVS disk data using a VBS backup. After the EVS disk data is restored, attach the EVS disk to the ECS and start the ECS.

How Long Does VBS Take to Back Up an EVS Disk?

The initial backup for an EVS disk is a full backup and subsequent backup operations are all incremental backups. Therefore, the initial backup takes a longer time and subsequent incremental operations take shorter times. For example, a full backup of a 50 GB EVS disk with an increment of 10 GB takes approximately 35 minutes, whereas an incremental backup takes approximately 6 minutes.

Can a VBS Backup of a System Disk Be Used to Restore the System Disk of an ECS?

Yes. You can restore the system disk using a VBS backup. Before restoring the system disk, you must detach it from the ECS.

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