What is a message template


Message templates contain fixed message content and can be used to send messages quickly. When you publish a message using a template, SMN replaces tags in the template with the message content you specify.

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How Many Message Templates Can a User Create?

A user can create a maximum of 100 message templates.

What Is the Limitation for SMS Messages?

If an SMS message contains less than or equal to 70 characters, it is counted as one message. If an SMS message exceeds 70 characters, every 67 characters are counted as one message. The maximum length of an SMS message cannot exceed 490 characters.

Steps for encapsulating a full copy template
To encapsulate a full copy template, perform the following steps: 1. Mount the image ISO file with a CD/DVD-ROM drive. 2. In the VM's CD/DVD-ROM directory, double-click run.bat. The Desktop Cloud Image Optimization Tool window and a dialog box for selecting the clone type are displayed. 3. Select Full Copy from the Clone Type drop-down menu. To the right of Run the SysprepCmd.cmd script to encapsulate the VM OS, click Install. 4. Click Run. 5 If you see a dialog box confirming that the encapsulation was successful, click OK and do not restart the VM.

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