What Is the Limitation for SMS Messages?


If an SMS message contains less than or equal to 70 characters, it is counted as one message. If an SMS message exceeds 70 characters, every 67 characters are counted as one message. The maximum length of an SMS message cannot exceed 490 characters.

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what are diffirence between PIM-SM and PIM-DM
PIM-DM: Small-scale LANs where multicast group members are distributed densely. Using the flood-prune mechanism, PIM-DM creates and maintains a unidirectional and loop-free SPT connecting a multicast source and group members. PIM-SM(ASM model): Large-scale network where multicast group members are distributed sparsely. An MDT is set up when receivers join a multicast group. PIM-SM needs to maintain an RP, set up an RPT, and register a multicast source. PIM-SM(SSM model): Scenarios where user hosts know the exact positions of multicast sources in advance and can specify the sources from which they want to receive data before they join multicast groups. PIM-SSM does not need to maintain an RP, set up an RPT, or register a multicast source.

What is the bandwidth limitation on subcards
The subcards in the front slot and rear slot use the same chip that provides 4x10 Gbit/s bandwidth. Therefore, the S5700EI or S5700SI stacks set up through stack cards have the following limitations: A stack card can be used with a 2x10G subcard. The two stack interfaces on the stack card occupy 20 Gbit/s bandwidth, and the 2 x 10G subcard occupies 20 Gbit/s. A stack subcard cannot be used with a 4 x GE subcard. The GE interfaces on the 4 x GE subcard are actually 10GE interfaces with their rates limited, so the actual bandwidth of the subcard is 4x10 Gbit/s. This subcard occupies all the 4x10 Gbit/s bandwidth of the chip, and thus there is no available bandwidth for the stack card.

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