Does a Topic Support Subscriptions over Multiple Transmission Protocols?


Yes. The topic supports HTTP, HTTPS, emails, and SMS subscriptions.

Other related questions:
Can I Change a Subscription Endpoint in a Topic?

No. You cannot change a subscription endpoint once it is added to the topic. To do so, you can delete the original endpoint and add a new one.

How Many Subscriptions Can Be Added to a Topic?

A topic supports a maximum of 10,000 subscriptions.

How Many Messages Can Be Published to a Topic?

The number of messages published to a topic is not limited.

What Transmission Protocols Does SMN Support?

SMN supports message sending over email, SMS message, HTTP, and HTTPS.

  • HTTP or HTTPS: Messages are sent to the subscription URL using HTTP or HTTPS requests. Currently, only public network URLs are supported.
  • Email: Messages are sent to the subscriber's mail address using emails.
  • SMS message: Messages are sent to the subscriber's mobile number using SMS messages.

Whether USG2000 and USG5000 series devices support improving the VPN transmission rate
The device VPN cannot improve the transmission rate.

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