Why the Picture in the Email Message I Received Cannot Be Displayed?


Some email clients disable automatic picture download from the Internet by default for the sake of privacy protection. If the picture cannot be displayed in the email, you need to enable automatic picture download.

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Why Does the Subscriber Fail to Receive Messages After I Publish Messages to the Topic?

After subscribing to a topic, the subscriber receives a confirmation notification. If not confirming the subscription, the subscriber cannot receive messages you published to the topic.

Why are statistics on received and sent Hello messages both 0
Run the display mpls ldp interface command to check the interface status. The command output is displayed as follows: display mpls ldp interface LDP Interface Information in Public Network Codes:LAM(Label Advertisement Mode), IFName(Interface name) A '*' before an interface means the entity is being deleted. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ IFName Status LAM TransportAddress HelloSent/Rcv ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Vlanif10 Active DU 29574/29539 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ In normal cases, the interface status is Active. If the interface status is Inactive, the interface cannot receive or send Hello messages. In most cases, the interface status is Inactive because the interface is shut down or no IP address is configured for the interface.

The two ends of an LSP are Up and can send Hello messages, but the peer end cannot receive them. Why
If the two ends of an LSP are Up and can send Hello messages, but the peer end cannot receive the messages, the possible causes are as follows: Devices do not support sending of large packets, for example, the device can send packets whose maximum size is 180 bytes. To check whether the peer end can send large packets, ping the IP address of the peer end using large packets. Run the display cpu-defend statistics slot slot-id command to check whether Hello messages are dropped due to attack defense policies or Hello messages do not reach the cpu-defend module. Check whether statistics on MPLS-related ACL packets exist and ACLs are correctly delivered.

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