Will a Subscriber Receive the Same Message for Multiple Times?


Generally, the subscriber receives a message only once. SMN re-sends a message only upon a network or device failure.

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Why Does the Subscriber Fail to Receive Messages After I Publish Messages to the Topic?

After subscribing to a topic, the subscriber receives a confirmation notification. If not confirming the subscription, the subscriber cannot receive messages you published to the topic.

Can multiple conferences be held on the same MCU at the same time?
You can concurrently initiate multiple conferences on an MCU as long as the MCU has sufficient resources. The number of conferences held on an MCU is determined by MCU resources. There is no parameter limiting the number of concurrent conferences on an MCU.

Can the NAT interface of the AR router be configured with multicast
Multicast can be configured on the interface where NAT is configured. NAT is only valid for unicast packets.

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