Does SMN Guarantee a Message Being Received by the Subscription Endpoint?


If a subscription endpoint is reachable, it will receive the messages sent by SMN.

If the endpoint is unreachable, SMN saves the failed message in the message queue and tries to send it again for another six times. If the message sending still fails, SMN discards the message and does not prompt that the message sending has failed.

The interval for re-sending a failed message varies depending on the length of the message queue. Usually, a failed message is processed within several hours. If the queue has too many failed messages, it will be processed within a day.

Other related questions:
Does an S series switch sends a Report message after receiving a Query message
If only IGMP snooping is enabled, an S series switch does not send Report messages after receiving Query messages. If IGMP snooping proxy or IGMP snooping Report suppression is also configured, the switch can construct and send Report messages according to existing entries after receiving Query messages.

Why Does the Subscriber Fail to Receive Messages After I Publish Messages to the Topic?

After subscribing to a topic, the subscriber receives a confirmation notification. If not confirming the subscription, the subscriber cannot receive messages you published to the topic.

What Transmission Protocols Does SMN Support?

SMN supports message sending over email, SMS message, HTTP, and HTTPS.

  • HTTP or HTTPS: Messages are sent to the subscription URL using HTTP or HTTPS requests. Currently, only public network URLs are supported.
  • Email: Messages are sent to the subscriber's mail address using emails.
  • SMS message: Messages are sent to the subscriber's mobile number using SMS messages.

How does the S series switch receive the routing protocol message?
When the S-series and E-series switches receive the protocol packets, the main control board (CPU) and the main control board (CPU) complete the related calculation and send the control message to update the routing information of the service board

What Are the Advantages of SMN?

SMN has the following advantages:

  • SMN does not need a large volume of development and maintenance resources, reducing your message notification costs.
  • SMN is highly reliable and scalable.
  • SMN can be quickly deployed and is easy-to-use.

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