Can I Change a Subscription Endpoint in a Topic?


No. You cannot change a subscription endpoint once it is added to the topic. To do so, you can delete the original endpoint and add a new one.

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Does SMN Guarantee a Message Being Received by the Subscription Endpoint?

If a subscription endpoint is reachable, it will receive the messages sent by SMN.

If the endpoint is unreachable, SMN saves the failed message in the message queue and tries to send it again for another six times. If the message sending still fails, SMN discards the message and does not prompt that the message sending has failed.

The interval for re-sending a failed message varies depending on the length of the message queue. Usually, a failed message is processed within several hours. If the queue has too many failed messages, it will be processed within a day.

Can I change the web access port of the TE endpoint?
The web access port of the TE endpoint cannot be changed.

How Many Subscriptions Can Be Added to a Topic?

A topic supports a maximum of 10,000 subscriptions.

Can the administrator password of the TE endpoint user interface be changed or canceled?
The administrator password of the TE endpoint user interface can be changed or canceled. The default administrator password is 12345678. 1. On the web interface, choose System Settings > Security > GUI. Leave the new password empty. 2. On the user interface, choose Advanced Settings > Settings > Security > Password, and change the password.

How do I change the UI language of a TE series endpoint?
To change the UI language of the TE series endpoint, perform the following steps: 1. Log in to the endpoint web interface and choose System Settings > Display. 2. On the GUI tab, select the desired UI language. 3. Click Save for the settings to take effect.

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