How Many Message Templates Can a User Create?


A user can create a maximum of 100 message templates.

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What is a message template
Message templates contain fixed message content and can be used to send messages quickly. When you publish a message using a template, SMN replaces tags in the template with the message content you specify.

How Many Messages Can Be Published to a Topic?

The number of messages published to a topic is not limited.

Method used to create a user VM template
For details about how to create a user VM template, see the "Creating VM Templates" section in FusionCloud Desktop Virtual Desktop Management Guide. Download path: Click the link and choose Support > IT > Cloud Computing > FusionCloud > FusionCloud Desktop Solution.

How Many Topics Can a User Create?

A user can create a maximum of 3000 topics.

How Many Firewalls Can a User Have?

A user can have a maximum of 200 firewalls. It is recommended that you configure a maximum of 20 inbound or outbound rules for each firewall. If more than 20 inbound or outbound rules are configured, the forwarding performance will deteriorate.

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