What is a shared image


Users accept private images shared by other users for their own use.

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Only .ppt files and images (except .tiff images) can be shared in document sharing
By default, the eSpace Meeting Virtual Printer will not be installed when you join a meeting as a standard user of the operating system. To solve this problem, log in to the operating system as the administrator and join a meeting. The eSpace Meeting Virtual Printer will be installed. If you have any questions, contact the administrator.

What Is an image
An image is an Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) template containing mandatory software, such as the operating system (OS). The template may also contain application software, such as database software, and proprietary software. Images are classified into public images, private images, and shared images.

What is image service
IMS provides easy-to-use self-service image management functions. You can apply for an Elastic Cloud Server (ECS) using either a private image or a public image. You can also create a private image using an existing ECS or an external image file.

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