Should I Stop the ECS Before Creating a Private Image Using that ECS?


You must stop the ECS when creating a private image using that ECS. If the ECS is running, the ECS memory may buffer data to be read, which may result in data loss in the created image. To prevent this issue, stop the ECS before creating an image.

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How Long Does It Take to Create a Private Image Using an ECS?

It takes about 20 minutes to create a private image using an ECS.

Will I Be Charged for Creating an Image Using an ECS?

Creating an image using an ECS is free of charge. Object Storage Service (OBS) required for storing the image a paid service with a free trial period.

What Are the Impacts If the ECS That Has Not Been Configured Is Used to Create the Private Image?

If the IP address assignment mode of the ECS NIC is not set to DHCP or the network udev rules are not deleted, the ECS created using the registered private image may fail to obtain the correct network configuration, or the ECS NIC is not started from eth0. Then, you must log in remotely to the ECS and configure it.

If you do not configure the image used for creating the ECS running Linux before the creation, the following conditions may occur:

  • Customized passwords cannot be injected.
  • Certificated cannot be injected.
  • Some customized ECS configurations may not be supported.

If you do not delete the automatic attaching detection information of user disks from the fstab file, the ECS created using the private image may fail to start.

Must I Stop the ECS Before Backing Up EVS Disks on an ECS Using VBS?

VBS can back up EVS disks that are in use. When an ECS is running properly, data is written onto EVS disks of the ECS, and some newly generated data is stored in the ECS memory as cached data. During EVS disk backup, the data in the memory will not be automatically written onto EVS disks, resulting in data inconsistency between EVS disks and their backups.

To ensure data integrity, back up EVS disks during off-peak hours when no data write operations are being performed on the EVS disks. Alternatively, suspend all data write operations and stop the application systems before initiating a backup job. For an extreme requirement for data integrity, stop the ECS (for cached data to be written into EVS disks) and start an offline backup job.

Can Specifications of ECSs Created Using a Private Image Differ from Those of ECSs Used to Create the Image?

You can modify hardware specifications as required when using a private image to create an ECS.

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