What Could Happen If I Delete a Load Balancer?


If your ELB service IP address has been correctly resolved to the domain name and the service runs properly, do not delete your load balancer unless necessary. If the load balancer is deleted, its IP address and service configuration will be released, and deleted data cannot be restored. If you recreate a load balancer, a new IP address will be assigned. You can also specify the original IP address when creating the load balancer.

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Does VRRP support per-packet load sharing on an AR router
Does VRRP support per-packet load sharing on an AR router? VRRP shares loads based on IP addresses. Therefore, it does not support per-packet load sharing. In VRRP load sharing, multiple VRRP groups bear services, and each VRRP group contains a master device and multiple backup devices. The basic principle and packet negotiation procedure of VRRP load sharing are the same as those of VRRP active/standby backup. Unlike VRRP active/standby backup, multiple VRRP groups must be created to share load, the master devices of the groups can be different, and a VRRP device can be added into multiple groups and have different priorities in the groups.

Reason for an OS installation failure
Server OS installation failures may be caused by the following: 1. The RAID array is not set as the boot option. 2. The size of the partition for OS installation exceeds 2 TB. 3. The ServiceCD is not used for installation. 4. The installation file is damaged.

Countermeasure for a VMware installation failure
To install VMware ESXi 5.1 or earlier on V2 servers, make an installation source. To install versions later than VMware ESXi 5.1, install them directly. For details about how to make an installation source, visit the following link: Link

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