What Functions Do Listeners Provide?


Listeners provide the following functions:

  • ELB protocol and port configuration

  • ECS protocol and port configuration

  • Listening policy configuration

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Method used to identify listening ports on the host
Method used to identify listening ports on the host: For each client, ISM subscribes to the reported information on the device. In that case, a port is listened. As multiple ISMs on a PC can be listened to manage the device, ports listened by ISM are within a certain range. The scope of listening port of ISMV1R3 is 8000 to 8090, 7890, and 8901. In the Windows command line, enter netstat -a to check whether ports within the range are listened. (In the following example, ISM uses port 8011) You can check on the device the file of ports that are reported: /ISM/repository/root#cimv2/instances/CIM_IndicationSubscription.idx In the file, 1 is invalid and the content starting with 0 is valid.

Does an AP listen to and send frames over one channel
An AP receives or sends frames over one channel at one time. - In Normal AP mode, an AP sends and receives frames over the configured channel. - During neighbor detection, an AP sends probe request frames to all channels and receives probe response frames. - In station mode, an AP listens to Beacon frames over all channels.

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