What are the application scenarios of an ECS


The ECSs allow users to quickly obtain virtual computing facilities that can scale up or down based on requirements. Through the network, companies around the world can use these elastic computing infrastructures. Users can rent computing and storage capabilities on demand at low costs, thereby greatly reducing hardware cost and encouraging them to focus on service ideas without worrying about servers, such as insufficient disk space.
General-purpose scenario
Web servers, development and testing environment, and small-scale database applications.
Scenario characteristics:
There is no special requirement on vCPU, memory, disk space or bandwidth, but there are high requirements on security and reliability. The scenarios feature low initial investment and maintenance costs.
Application scenarios:
Enterprise official website deployments, enterprise office automation (OA) setup, and enterprise development and testing activities.

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What are the application scenarios of AS
AS applies to enterprise websites, e-commerce, and mobile applications. AS automatically adds new instances to an AS group for applications when necessary and removes extra ones when unnecessary. In this way, you do not need to prepare a large number of ECSs for an expected marketing activity or unexpected peak hours, thereby ensuring system reliability and reducing system operating costs.

What are the application scenarios of FusionInsight?
Satisfying demands in the O&M and application development fields for data-intensive industries, such as finance and telecom industries, Huawei FusionInsight provides a reliable, secure, and easy-to-use O&M system and full data modeling middleware. With FusionInsight, enterprises can process data and mine values from massive volumes of data in an accurate and faster manner.

What are the application scenarios of CES
The application scenarios of CES include routine management, alarm notification and capacity adjustment.

What are the application scenarios of ELB
ELB application scenarios include service distribution, service expansion, and access control.

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