What Are the Restrictions for Attaching an EVS Disk to an ECS?


  • The EVS disk and the target ECS must be located in the same AZ.

  • The EVS disk must be in Available state.

  • The target ECS must be in Running or Stopped state.

Other related questions:
Can Multiple EVS Disks Be Attached to an ECS?

Yes. Up to 10 EVS disks can be attached to an ECS as data disks. A large-memory ECS can have up to 39 data disks attached.

Why Is the EVS Disk Size Not Updated in the BMS OS After the EVS Disk Capacity Has Been Expanded?

If this occurs, scan block devices in the BMS OS. For example, for the sdh disk of Red Hat, run the echo 1 > /sys/block/sdh/device/rescan command.

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