What Should I Do After I Log In to an ECS Using VNC and Perform an Operation But the Page Does not Respond for a Long Time?


If your computer is running Windows 7 and you logged in to the ECS using Internet Explorer 10 or 11, click AltGr twice on the VNC page.

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What Should I Do If I Cannot View Data After Logging In to an ECS Using VNC?

After you log in to an ECS using VNC and perform a data viewing operation, such as running the cat command to view large files or playing videos, VNC may become unavailable due to the high memory usage of the browser. In this case, use another browser to log in to the ECS again.

Why Does a Blank Screen Appear While the System Displays a Message Indicating Successful Authentication After I Attempted to Log In to an ECS Using VNC?

Another user has logged in to this ECS using VNC.

Only one user can log in to an ECS using VNC at a time. If multiple users attempt to log in to an ECS at the same time, only the first user can log in to it successfully. For other users, the system displays a message indicating that the user is authenticated, but the screen turns blank. If this occurs, wait until the other user logs out of the ECS.

Method for handling errors that occur on VMs during VNC login
VNC provides a quick maintenance method for VMs. When an error occurs, you can either handle it yourself or seek help. When you enter the VNC window, you may see a black screen or one or more error messages. However, these do not prevent you from using the VM. You only need to type Ctrl+Alt+Del to log in to the VM and use it.

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