Why Does the Task Status Area Show an ECS Creation Failure But the ECS List Displays the Created ECS?



After you created an ECS bound with an EIP on the CloudOpera ServiceCenter tenant portal, the ECS creation was successful but binding the EIP failed due to insufficient EIPs. Although the Task Status showed that the ECS creation failed, the ECS was displayed in the ECS list. The results of the ECS creation task were inconsistent.

Root Cause

  • The ECS list displays details about created ECSs.

  • The Task Status area shows the task status of the ECS, including the sub-tasks, such as creating the ECS resource and binding an EIP. Only when all subtasks have succeeded, the task status becomes Succeeded. Otherwise, the task status is Failed.

If the ECS is successfully created but EIP binding fails, the task fails. However, the ECS you created is temporarily displayed in the list. After the system rolls back, the ECS is removed.

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Should I Stop the ECS Before Creating a Private Image Using that ECS?

You must stop the ECS when creating a private image using that ECS. If the ECS is running, the ECS memory may buffer data to be read, which may result in data loss in the created image. To prevent this issue, stop the ECS before creating an image.

How Long Does It Take to Create a Private Image Using an ECS?

It takes about 20 minutes to create a private image using an ECS.

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