What Is a Deleted ECS?


Deleted is an intermediate state of the ECS. Deleted indicates that the ECS has been successfully deleted. ECSs in this state can no longer provide services and are soon removed from the system.

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What Is a Deleted BMS?

Deleted is the intermediate state of a BMS. Deleted indicates that a BMS has been successfully deleted. BMSs in this state cannot provide services any longer and will be removed from the system in a short period of time.

What is the command to delete "NAT server"?
HUAWEI AR router supports "undo NAT server" command to cancel the mapping table under interface view, according to the actual situation, the implementation of one of the commands to configure "undo NAT Server": Undo NAT server protocol TCP UDP {|} global {global-address current-interface interface interface-type interface-number | |} [.Subnumber] global-port [global-port2] [VRRP vrrpid] inside host-address [host-address2] [host-port] [vpn-instance vpn-instance-name] Undo NAT server protocol protocol-number ICMP | | [{TCP} global {UDP |] global-address current-interface interface interface-type interface-number | | [.Subnumber] [VRRP] inside host-address vrrpid} [vpn-instance vpn-instance-name] Explain�?This command can only be configured under the three layer interface of the device, not including the Loopback interface and the NULL interface.

Steps for deleting a user VM
You can delete a user VM as follows: 1. On the FusionAccess portal, choose Desktop > All Computers. 2. Select the VM to be deleted and click Unassign VM. 3. Click Confirm. 4. Click OK. On the All Computer page, the VM's Assignment type becomes Unassigned and its Running Status becomes Stopped. 5. Select the VM to be deleted and click Delete. 6. Click Confirm. 7. Click OK. 8. Select Task Center. If the status displayed in the task status box is Completed, the VM has been deleted successfully.

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