What Functions Does the Delete Button Provide?


After you click Delete, the selected ECS is deleted. You can choose to delete the EVS disk and EIP of the ECS as well. If you do not delete them, they are reserved. If necessary, you can manually delete them later.

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UID indicator function
The Unit Identification (UID) indicator helps locate a server node in a chassis. You can use the iMana WebUI or manually press the UID indicator to turn the indicator on or off. -Steady blue: The server is being located. -Off: The server is not being located. You can press and hold down this button for 6 seconds to reset the iMana.

Functions of the RESET button on S series switches
The RESET button on the MPU of a modular switch is used to reset cards. The RESET button on a fixed switch resets the switch or restores factory settings.

Functions of the MODE button on S series switches
The MODE button on S series switches (except the S1700) has the following functions: - For versions earlier than V200R006C10, you can change the indicator to stack mode and show the stack ID. - For V200R006C10 and later versions, you can hold down the MODE button for 6 seconds to start the web initial login mode.

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