What is the definition of an event list


The trace list displays details about operations, such as creation, modification, and deletion of cloud service resources, by a tenant. The trace list contains traces generated during the last 7 days.

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TU pointer adjustment event
Question: Does a TU pointer justification event detected on a lower-order channel of the local station mean pointer justification on the local station? Why? Answer: When the local station detects a TU pointer justification event on a lower-order channel, it does not mean that pointer justification occurs at the local station. Instead, it means that pointer justification occurs at the remote station corresponding to the lower-order channel. Pointer justification occurs during lower-order channel multiplexing into the AU. To be specific, pointer justification occurs in upstream signals. However, pointers are explained in downstream signals, or at the receive end. Therefore, the pointer justification at the local station can be detected only at the remote station. When the local station detects a pointer justification event, the pointer justification occurs at the remote station.

What is the definition of metadata?
Metadata, also known as media data or relay data, is data that summarizes other data. It is used to define data properties, specify data storage locations and historical data, retrieve resource data, and record information.

What is the definition of Tomcat?
Tomcat is a free-of-charge, lightweight, open source web application server developed by Apache Software Foundation, Sun and other companies, and individuals. Gaining support from Sun, Tomcat complies with the latest Servlet and JavaServer Page (JSP) specifications. It features advanced technology, stable performance, and good scalability, and occupies a small number of system resources during running. As a result, Tomcat applies to small- and medium-sized systems and scenarios with a few concurrent users. An HTTP server embedded in Tomcat enables Tomcat to work as a web server. It provides a configuration management tool and supports XML configuration files. Tomcat is different from the Apache web server, which is an HTTP server using C language.

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