How Long Can Trace Files Be Retained?


By default, trace files of the last 7 days can be retained on the ServiceCenter tenant portal. Archived trace files stored in the OBS bucket can be permanently retained.

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Does CTS Support Authentication of Keywords of Trace Files?

Yes. The following fields must be included: time, service_type, resource_type, trace_name, trace_status, and trace_type. Other fields are defined by different services.

How long would the offline files save by default of eSpace UC2.3
It will save 7 days by default. After that, it will delete automatically.

How to trace signaling on the U1900 series unified gateway
To trace signaling on the U1900 series unified gateway, perform the following steps: Step 1 Go to the download page Step 2 Select the corresponding product, click Software, and download the 02 Tools software package. Step 3 Decompress the software package and install the LMT. Connect to the device using the LMT. Choose Log Management > Signaling Select, select the signaling types to trace. If you want to forward the trace signaling to others, also select AutoSave.

How to display the roaming trace on an AC
After STA roaming, run the display station roam-track command to on the AC to display the roaming trace of the STA.

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