What is the peripheral policy in FusionCloud?


FusionCloud 6.x supports the following third-party devices: F5 and RadWare load balancers. The F5 load balancer is recommended.
Load balancer (F5): In FusionCloud 6.1, the mapping device model is F5 BIG-IP 2000S/4000S, the operating system version is V12.1.X or later, and the plug-in version is In FusionCloud 6.0, the mapping device model is F5 BIGIP LTM 2000S, the operating system version is V12 or later, and the plug-in version is 9.3.3.b2. The F5 company provides information about the device models, operating system and plug-in versions, and sales strategies in China and outside China.
Load balancer (Radware): The mapping device model is Radware Alteon5224 and the mapping version is SLB The device does not support network automation. In other words, manual configuration is required.

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Methods used to configure peripherals and audio/video
You can configure peripherals and audio/video as follows: On the ITA portal (FusionAccess), choose Desktop > Policy Management to configure policies for peripherals and audio/video. For details, see Operation and Maintenance > Virtual Desktop Management > Service Provisioning > Provisioning VMs > Planning and Creating Policies in the online help or the solution documentation.

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