What is an alarm


An alarm is a message reported when a fault is detected by a device or by the network management system during the process of polling devices. Each alarm corresponds to a clear alarm. After a clear alarm is received, the status of the corresponding alarm changes to cleared.

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What is an alarm notification
When an error occurs, the performance measurement system sends performance alarms to the destination (a file or a fault management system) preset by users.

What is the VCN3000 watermark alarm?
Watermark alarm: The platform verifies video watermarks and generates an alarm if a watermark is tampered with.

Alarm masking
Alarm masking means that the NMS does not receive alarms from a specified object or monitor some unimportant NMS alarms. During maintenance, testing, or deployment, you can set alarm masking conditions to mask alarms that do not need concern. For some unimportant NMS alarms, you can set alarm masking on the NMS so that the NMS does not monitor these alarms to improve fault locating efficiency.

Cause for the BEFFEC_EXC alarm
The possible causes of the BEFFEC_EXC alarm are as follows: 1. A fault occurs on an inter-site fiber or intra-site multiplexing link. 2. The signals are severely attenuated during line transmission. 3. The external environment is abnormal.

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