Why Exceptions Occur During the System Status Check?


The following causes lead to exceptions during the system status check:

  • Power supply failure on physical hosts

  • Software faults on physical hosts

  • Hardware faults on physical hosts

Other related questions:
What can I do if a UI display exception occurs
Reload the endpoint software by following the instructions for local upgrades or upgrades from the web interface. If software reloading fails or the issue persists, reload the software again by following the instructions for upgrades using the Bootrom system. For details, please ask me How to Use the Bootrom System to Upgrade the ViewPoint 9000 Endpoint?

Why does the server checking error occur during RADIUS dynamic authentication
This error occurs because the RADIUS authentication server is not configured properly.

System processing when a fault occurs during the WTR time on an ASON network?
When a fault occurs during the WTR time, how the system processes a service is related to the service SLA but not related to whether the automatic reversion time is set. For example, if the service is under diamond rerouting 1+1 protection and the protection trail is faulty during the WTR time, the ASON software considers that both the working and protection trails are faulty and therefore computes a new route according to the rerouting 1+1 protection mechanism. If the service is under diamond non-rerouting 1+1 protection, when the preceding condition occurs, the service is directly interrupted according to the non-rerouting 1+1 protection mechanism.

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