How Can I Modify the Network Configuration or Restart the Network If I Can Log In to a BMS Using Only SSH?


Exercise caution when you modify, stop, or restart the network, especially if you can log in to a BMS using only SSH. If the network is disconnected and is you cannot log in to the BMS using SSH, you can restart the BMS to recover the network. This operation will overwrite modifications that have been made to the network configuration, which will revert to the initial state when the BMS was provisioned.

If you want to configure the network, run the network restart command based on the OS type after modifying the interface configuration file. Do not stop and then start the network because one the network is stopped, you cannot perform any operation on it.

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What Can I Do If I Cannot Log In to My BMS or the BMS Data Disk Is Lost After the BMS Is Started or Restarted?

Question Description

After a BMS is started or restarted, the user cannot log in to the BMS or the BMS data disk is lost.

Possible Causes

The BMS cannot obtain the IP address or the data disk cannot be attached to the BMS because packet loss caused by network congestion occurs.


Restart the BMS. If the fault still exists after you restart the BMS for several times, contact customer service.

How can I restart an IPC?
An IPC can be restarted in either of the following ways: Hold down the RESET button on the IPC for less than 3s. Restart the IPC on the IPC web page. For details, see the Online Help of the required IPC model.

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