Why Is Failed Displayed for a BMS Application Task But the BMS List Shows the Obtained BMS?


Question Description

After a user applies for a BMS that requires an EIP on the ServiceCenter tenant portal, the BMS application request was successfully processed but the EIP failed to be bound to the BMS because the EIP resources are insufficient. In this case, Failed was displayed for the task in the Task Status area. However, the requested BMS was displayed in the BMS list.

Root Cause

  • The BMS list shows the details about obtained BMSs.

  • The Task Status area shows the processing status of the BMS application task, including statuses of sub-tasks, such as preparing for the BMS resource and binding an elastic IP address. Only when all subtasks have succeeded, the task status becomes Succeeded. Otherwise, the task status is Failed.

If the BMS is successfully provisioned but the EIP fails to be bound to the BMS, Failed is displayed for the task. The provisioned BMS is temporarily displayed in the BMS list. After the system rolls back the failed task, the BMS is automatically removed from the list.

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Accessing and using a BMS
The cloud platform provides a web-based ServiceCenter tenant portal and HTTPS-based APIs through which you can access BMS. The ServiceCenter tenant portal is a web-based management console for you to access and manage BMS. You can access BMS on this portal. If you are the administrator of the CloudOpera ServiceCenter resource or have the BMS operation rights, you can directly log in to the ServiceCenter tenant portal and choose Bare Metal Server under the Product or Console menu. Accessing the BMS through APIs If you want to integrate the BMS on the cloud platform into a third-party system for secondary development, you can access BMS with APIs. For details, see section FusionSphere Service API Reference > Bare Metal Server APT Reference in the FusionCloud V100R006C10 API Reference [Answer] FusionCloud-BMS undefined

What Is a Deleted BMS?

Deleted is the intermediate state of a BMS. Deleted indicates that a BMS has been successfully deleted. BMSs in this state cannot provide services any longer and will be removed from the system in a short period of time.

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