What Functions Does the Delete Button on the BMS Console Provide?


After you click Delete, the target BMS will be deleted. You can choose whether to release the EIP bound to and the EVS disks attached to the BMS. If you do not release the EIP or detach the EVS disk, the EIP or disk will be reserved. Then, you need to manually release it when necessary.

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What Is a Deleted BMS?

Deleted is the intermediate state of a BMS. Deleted indicates that a BMS has been successfully deleted. BMSs in this state cannot provide services any longer and will be removed from the system in a short period of time.

Technology advantages of BMSs
Technology advantages of BMSs: 1. Hybrid Deployment and Flexible Networking BMSs within an AZ can communicate with each other through an internal network. VPCs can be used to connect BMSs and external resources. You can also use BMSs together with other services, such as ECS, to achieve hybrid deployment and offer flexible networking to meet requirements in complex application scenarios. 2. High Stability and Reliability, and Optimal Performance The BMS service provides dedicated BMSs for tenants. The tenants can exclusively enjoy stable performance provided by physical servers, meeting such service requirements as high-performance, stability, data security, and regulation. 3. High Throughput and Low Latency The BMS provides tenants with a high-throughput and low-latency network in an AZ. The BMS service can provide a maximum bandwidth of 10 Gbit/s and a minimum latency of 25 μs. This network can be used in scenarios requiring high throughput and low latency. For example, you can use the network on the Oracle RAC heartbeat network plane.

UID indicator function
The Unit Identification (UID) indicator helps locate a server node in a chassis. You can use the iMana WebUI or manually press the UID indicator to turn the indicator on or off. -Steady blue: The server is being located. -Off: The server is not being located. You can press and hold down this button for 6 seconds to reset the iMana.

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