What Can I Do If Connection Between the Client and the BMS Is Interrupted?


Contact technical support engineers.

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What Can I Do If I Cannot Log In to My BMS or the BMS Data Disk Is Lost After the BMS Is Started or Restarted?

Question Description

After a BMS is started or restarted, the user cannot log in to the BMS or the BMS data disk is lost.

Possible Causes

The BMS cannot obtain the IP address or the data disk cannot be attached to the BMS because packet loss caused by network congestion occurs.


Restart the BMS. If the fault still exists after you restart the BMS for several times, contact customer service.

Why is the Hostname Overwritten After the BMS OS Is Restarted

In SUSE, the default value of configuration item DHCLIEN_SET_HOSTNAME is yes. After the BMS is restarted, the hostname is overwritten by that assigned by the DHCP server. Therefore, you need to change the value of DHCLIEN_SET_HOSTNAME in the /etc/sysconfig/network/dhcp file to no. Then the hostname will not be overwritten by that assigned by the DHCP server.

What Is a Deleted BMS?

Deleted is the intermediate state of a BMS. Deleted indicates that a BMS has been successfully deleted. BMSs in this state cannot provide services any longer and will be removed from the system in a short period of time.

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