Does an Abrupt Change on Monitoring Indicator Values Cause an Incorrect Scaling Action?


No. Monitoring data used by AS is from CES. CES supports multiple monitoring intervals, such as 5 minutes, 20 minutes, and 1 hour. Therefore, an abrupt change of monitoring indicator values will not cause an incorrect scaling action.

In addition, AS allows you to configure the cooling duration to prevent unnecessary scaling actions caused by frequently reported alarms. You can customize the cooling duration.

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Can TE40/TE50/TE60 adjust the output image scale
TE40/TE50/TE60 cannot adjust the output image scale. If the default resolution of the output port is 720p/1080p, the image scale is 16:9. The output port for presentation can be adjusted.

How do signal measurement tools calculate the SNR? Does a higher SNR value indicate a better signal quality
The SNR value obtained using a signal measurement tool is not the actual SNR on a network adapter. The tool obtains the SNR value by comparing the detected signal strength with a predefined noise value (-96 dBm for example). A high SNR value does not indicate a good signal quality because the high SNR may be caused by interference signals. The signal quality should be evaluated by the SNR and signal to interference ratio (SIR).

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