Method used to configure CT3000


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Methods used to tune the conversation volume of CT3000
The highest recording volume of CT3000 is lower than those of other TCs. Therefore, the volume of CT3000 will be low under the same settings. You can tune the volume as follows: 1. Adjust the recording volume on the VM to the maximum. 2. Adjust the recording volume on the TC to the maximum. 3. Enable audio policy Record AGC on ITAC. Note: This policy must be optimized based on the actual situation; otherwise, the Automatic Gain Control (AGC) will become too high and result in unwanted noises. In the implementation process, steps 1, 2, and 3 are all adopted to control the initial volume of the TC and VM as well as the AGC policy of ITAC to satisfy users' requirements.

Method used to adjust CT3000 resolution
You can adjust CT3000 resolution as follows: 1. Open the Control Center of CT3000 and select Display: 2. Select Optimum settings from the Settings tab page on the displayed window and the system will automatically detect the optimal resolution. Alternatively, you can set the resolution on the DVI or VGA tab page based on your requirements.

Method used to download the CT3000 upgrade package
You can download the CT3000 upgrade package as follows: 1. Confirm the current version of the FusionCloud desktop solution, such as FusionCloud Desktop Solution V100R005C20. 2. Visit Huawei Support website and find the specific version mapping based on the version number. Detailed path: Learn About Products > Release Notes > Version Mapping at

Whether a TC has a stand
CT3000 does not have a stand. Other TC models (such as CT3100, CT5000/5100, and CT6000/6100) have stands, which can be mounted to the monitor or just placed on the desk.

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