Whether a TC has a stand


CT3000 does not have a stand. Other TC models (such as CT3100, CT5000/5100, and CT6000/6100) have stands, which can be mounted to the monitor or just placed on the desk.

Other related questions:
Whether TCs support Wi-Fi connection
Huawei can provide TCs that support Wi-Fi connection. However, you are advised not to use Wi-Fi connections because the stability of wireless networks greatly affects user experience of FusionAccess.

Whether TC operating systems can be changed
TC operating systems cannot be changed. Because hardware configurations for Windows TCs and Linux TCs are different, changing operating systems may have adverse impacts on TC use.

Whether TCs support mouse and keyboard hot swapping
TCs support mouse and keyboard hot swap.

Whether a Streaming topology has rights control
When the security version is used, Streaming topologies support rights control. Common system users can only view the topologies they submit, but the Streaming administrator can view all topologies.

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