Method used to enable and disable the iCache function of linked clone VMs


After iCache is enabled on a VM, the system stores the frequently accessed data in iCache to increase the data access rate.
The iCache configuration process is complex and the following is only a brief introduction:
1. Set an iCache value. The threshold is set during FusionCompute installation. You are advised to configure iCache and set its value to 12288 MB if you want to use linked clone VMs.
2. Enable the iCache function when you create the linked clone VM template.
3. Provision VMs using the template. The iCache function takes effect when you use the VMs.
The iCache function can be disabled only after all VMs provisioned busing the template are deleted.

Other related questions:
Methods used to update a linked clone VM template
Huawei provides a detailed operation guide for updating linked clone VM templates. You can obtain this guide in the following ways: 1. See the "Service Provisioning" section in FusionCloud Desktop Solution Documentation. You can obtain this documentation at . 2. Contact the project coordinator via WeChat, email, or phone. 3. Post your request on Huawei's cloud computing forum ( 4. Contact Huawei technical support by dialing the 400 hotline.

Method used to create a linked clone VM template
For details about how to create a user VM template, see the "Creating VM Templates" section in FusionCloud Desktop Virtual Desktop Management Guide. Download path: Click the link and choose Support > IT > Cloud Computing > FusionCloud > FusionCloud Desktop Solution.

Method used to calculate a linked clone VM's storage resources
The storage resources required by a linked clone VM are calculated as follows: Formula: ROUNDUP (N/128, 0) x Size of the base volume + N x Average size of delta volumes. The average size of delta volumes needs to be calculated based on the site situation. Generally, the estimated average size is 5 GB.

Steps for updating the software for a linked clone VM group
Update the software for a linked clone VM group as follows: 1. On the FusionAccess portal, choose Desktop > VM Group. 2. Enter the search criteria for the target VM group and click Search. 3. In the VM group list, select the target VM group and click Update VM group software. 4. Set an update policy and notification message in the Select Update Policy window. If VMs in the VM group are in use or have important data to save later, select Next startup (Not now). If VMs in the VM group are not in use or have no important data to save, select Immediately (Forced update). 5. Click OK. 6. In Select Template to Be Updated, select the new VM template and click Finish.

Method used to disable the DPD function on the USG2000
In the system view, run the undo ike dpd command to disable the DPD function.

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