Methods used to clear desktop users' licenses


You can obtain the methods used to clear desktop users' licenses as follows:
1. Contact your project coordinator by WeChat group, email, or phone.
2. Post your question on the Huawei cloud computing forum.
3. Contact Huawei technical support by calling the hotline.

Other related questions:
Method used to apply for licenses again after cloud desktops are redeployed
After cloud desktops are redeployed, you need to apply for licenses again. To do so, contact Huawei technical support by calling the hotline.

Method used to clear the PASSWORD_NEED_CHANGE alarm and the default NE user name and password
The default NE user name is root and the default password is password. The alarm is cleared after the user name and password are changed from the defaults.

Method used to clear alarms caused by unused ports
Question: In a DWDM system, when a client-side port is not in use but is set to the used state, alarms are reported on the NMS, such as ODU_AIS, SM_BDI, and MS_AIS alarms. These alarms may cause misunderstandings that services are interrupted. Analysis: In the main view, double-click the optical NE to display the status view. Specifically, a. Right-click the NE in the subrack and choose NE Explorer from the short-cut menu. The NE Explorer is displayed. b. Select the OTU board from the navigation tree. Choose Configuration > WDM Interface > Advanced Attributes. c. Set the channel use stats to unused.d. Click Apply. e. View alarms and check whether the alarm is cleared. Root cause: An alarm is generated when the NMS detects that an unused client-side or WDM-side port is set to the used state. Answer: Check the client-side optical port status of an OTU board to facilitate alarm analysis and troubleshooting. This operation must be performed with a prior approval and monitoring of the customer. Suggestion and conclusion: None

Methods used to obtain product documentation for the FusionCloud desktop solution
You can obtain the documents related to the FusionCloud desktop solution in either of the following ways: 1. For enterprise users: Visit and choose Support > IT > Cloud Computing > FusionCloud > FusionCloud Desktop Solution. 2. For carriers: Visit and choose Product Support > Carrier IT > Cloud Computing > FusionCloud > FusionAccess > FusionCloud Desktop Solution.

Method used to watch DVDs on cloud desktops using TCs
Ports on TCs are scalable. You can use the DVDs and other devices by connecting to the CD-ROM drive or printer.

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